About Us

Fishta Seafood Inc. started with a simple idea, to provide "Fish for every Filipino". Since 2008 we have been bringing the freshest seafood from farm to market. Our vision is to establish our identity as the leading provider of clean, safe and traceable fresh seafood to the Philippine market. Our business focuses on the sourcing, distribution and retailing of live and fresh seafood.


As part of the ISO Certified Santeh Group, we follow strict protocols on fish handling and safety. This has enabled us ensure the reliability and quality of our products. Through the years we have built a reliable network of farms and gained in-depth expertise on seafood. And have strong linkages and knowledge in the aquaculture and fishing industries.


Our retail business covers an extensive network of supermarkets, weekend markets, and households in urban centers. In 2010 and 2012, we received best vendor awards from our partners because of our dedication to always deliver good quality products and excellent service. Every year we continue to expand our distribution channel to bring healthy produce to Filipinos nationwide. Fishta Seafood’s distribution also extends to export markets within the region as well as North America.



Fishta Seafood

Fishta Seafood is part of the Santeh Group’s commitment to bring high quality seafood to the market. Santeh’s expansion downstrea has made quality healthy seafood accessible to consumers. Established in 2004, Fishta Seafood provides a wide variety of the freshest marine food products to major wet markets, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and trading posts. It was in the same year that the company pioneered the display of live pompano in aquarium tanks installed in supermarkets and seafood markets.


Today, Fishta Seafood continues its vision of being the leading fresh seafood supplier by continuously raising Philippine standards on seafood handling and logistics to deliver only the freshest quality seafood.