Some Good News in the World of Fishing

With the state of global affairs being unpredictable more than ever, the good news is short, and a few good things have happened in the fishing industry. There's a lot more to a good catch than we see, and in the vast world of fishing, the industry and our fisherfolks have some good things to look forward to. Let's take a quick look at some of the positive outcomes the fishing industry has reported in the last year and a half.


1. The XpertSea app won the 2021 Trading Solution of the Year Award.

Canadian-based agri-tech business XperSea is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect shrimp farmers to a wide range of network buyers. It provides convenient payment options and same-day transactions to make financial services available to the fishing industry. 

With this innovative immersion of technology and fishing, Agtech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization, recognized XpertSea's initiative and awarded them the 2021 Trading Solution of the Year Award

"With powerful AI tools and innovative financial services, we can build a better future for aquaculture producers and seafood consumers," said the CEO of Xpert Sea, Valerie Robitaille. 


2. The 2019 fisheries management system is finally rolling out in the Philippines.

The Philippines has been spotted in the limelight for facing maritime issues with illegal fishing and unregulated fishing measures by neighboring countries, most recently from Chinese vessels. However, a new fisheries management framework to prevent such matters was proposed in 2019 was finally rolled out in parts of Palawan.

Along with a network of local governments and fisheries agencies, the Fisheries Management Area (FMA) mechanism is delineated into 12 areas according to the distribution of various fish populations rather than by administrative boundaries. The regional BFAR office and local governments will spear each management board to facilitate more purposive and targeted enforcement functions.


3. A Union of Small-Scale Fishers in France wins a four-year court battle over access to Bluefin fishing rights.

A Union of Small-Scale Fisherfolks hailing from the Occitan Region won over the French court after four years of battling proper access to fishing rights. The 2017 order that was challenged by the group, explicitly ordering Bluefin Tuna quotas, was put to rest after several hearings. The class-action then set out actions that benefited the rest of the French fishing industry. 

It allowed small-scale farmers from various parts of the country to demand change when it comes to the Bluefin tuna quota allocation and other species of fish in the process. This court ruling was also carried out to the EU since the analysis was based on the EU-wide Common Fisheries Policy.

It's About Time

As the world continues to grapple with the fast-paced changes the pandemic brings, hearing some good news wouldn't hurt--especially when in overlooked industries like fishing. Fishing worldwide has been long presented to provide several nations the rght sustenance and make sure we carry out proper mechanisms to cultivate responsible and sustainable fishing practices. Learn more about Fishta's take on sustainable fisheries and fishing here. i

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