Fishta Feature: Banging Bangus!

Namely, the national fish of the Philippines, milkfish, locally known as Bangus, is a popular variant of fish many Filipinos enjoy. It’s a staple in many households since it boasts versatility in preparation. They’re full of flavor alone and are best served steamed, the traditional way to help it, or baked like Bangus Sisig, as seen in this recipe. Let’s do a deep dive on what makes Bangus a banging choice for many fish and seafood lovers alike.

Where do you commonly find Bangus or milkfish?

Bangus is a species of fish from the Canidae family, often bred and found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It’s typically colored silver and is known for its elongated torpedo-shaped figure. The tail fin of a milkfish is relatively long when compared to the rest of its body. They are abundant in the Philippines thanks to commercial fish farming, which is a common practice in the country and Taiwan and Indonesia, among other neighboring Asian countries.

How do you raise Bangus or milkfish in the Philippines?

Several hundred thousand tons of milkfish are brought into the country per year and continue to be a primary food source by many urban and rural communities. Many fish farmers keep these creatures in multiple housing types like sea pens, concrete tanks, and large ponds. While other fisheries breed and raise them manually, other fisheries maximize the larval young from the milkfish by capturing it from the wild and presenting them in tanks until they reach harvesting age.

How do you process milkfish?

There are multiple approaches to processing milkfish after fish farming in concrete tanks, sea cages, or large ponds. Some of these methods include smoking, fermenting, and drying the meat for consumption. Others prefer it as fresh catch or frozen, while others pack it in cans or bottle the meat. 

Are there bones found in the milkfish belly?

The skeletal structure of the milkfish has a color boundary that separates the belly from the back. There are no bones found in the bulk of milkfish, plus, the Bangus belly is a familiar favorite in itself for local cuisine. It is prepared and sold separately in certain parts of Asia. 

Where can I get fresh or frozen Bangus or milkfish?

Fish has you covered for all things Bangus. We carry a selection of Bangus products cleaned, marinated, or cut in parts for other recipes. A few of our favorites include:

Bangus Whole Pang Ihaw (300-400g)

Bangus Whole Pang Ihaw 300-400g

A whole Bangus with entrails removed is perfect for grilled lunches and dinners.

Smoked Boneless Baby Bangus (500g)

Smoked Boneless Baby Bangus 500g

A boneless baby banhus that is smoked to perfection and comes in 3 to 4 pieces.

Bangus Pure Belly (500g)

Bangus Pure Belly 500g

A large portion of the milkfish belly is without a back fillet, which comes unseasoned and marinated with vinegar and other spices.

Learn more about our Fishta Bangus recipe and products here, and let us know on our social if you’re a belly fan or you’re more into the deboned Bangus!

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