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A Fresh Take on Seafood

Fishta Seafood Inc. started with the simple idea of providing “Fish for Every Filipino”. For 10 years, we’ve consistently provided the freshest seafood from farm to market, with a vision of becoming the trailblazer in the seafood industry, providing clean, safe and traceable fresh seafood to the local market.

Nature Meets Technology

We continuously strive to raise Philippine standards on seafood handling and logistics to deliver only the best seafood products. We use these advanced technology such as blast freezing, indirect contact freezing and individually quick frozen technology to keep our products deliciously fresh for our consumers.


Quality and Sustainability

Over the years, we have built a reliable network of responsible farms that puts quality first. Today, Fishta supplies live, frozen, chilled and smoked seafood to leading supermarkets nationwide, weekend markets and households in urban centers. We also export Philippine seafood products to other countries like Japan and Canada. Every year, we continue to expand our distribution channels to bring healthy produce and provide best value seafood to every home.