5 Health-Related Facts You Should Know From Eating Fish

If you’re trying to alter your diet into something healthier but packs with flavor that anyone in your family will like, incorporating more fish-based dishes won’t hurt. There’s a lot of fish offers when it comes to nutrients and boosting overall health. Here are a few you may already know and a few you wish you knew before you took a big bite of that hamburger for lunch.


1. Lowers your risk of stroke and heart attack

According to Healthline, two of the most common causes of premature deaths worldwide are heart attacks and strokes. These can be mitigated thanks to the consumption of heart-healthy foods like fish. Studies have proven time and again that those who eat more fish regularly tend to have a lower risk of heart-related diseases and strokes. 

Fatty types of fish like sardines, trout, and salmon, among others, are packed with EPA and DHA, two out of the three omega-3s that are considered to be good fats. They’re ideal for improving heart and lung function and blood circulation.


2. Helps maintain brain health and memory retention

Remembering important dates and events is often a problem several young people claim to suffer from in the late twenties to early thirties. According to Public Source, brain fog is becoming a common side effect of excessive smartphone use in young people. Aside from lessening screen time, an excellent way to enhance brain activity and memory retention are by switching up your diet. 

Incorporate fish into your diet since it has revealed that more people who eat fish weekly have more gray matter, which is a primary functional tissue that regulates emotion and memory. If you want to remember all those essential long weekends, better start adding some Fishta Seafood in your weekly groceries.


3. Aids in the treatment and prevention of depression

Depression is more than a buzzword nowadays, and it’s a mental health condition that is often tricky to navigate without proper medical support. However, keeping a balanced diet that includes a healthy intake of vegetables and nutritious protein like fish gives people a better chance at fighting depression. 

Some studies reveal that daily consumption of fish is beneficial to preventing and treating depression due to its anti-inflammatory effects and structural alteration of the brain. The US National Medical Society claims evidence proving the future reduction of subsequent cardiac diseases by supplementing omega-3s like EPA and DHA from 50 to 180 m/day. Thus, a bite of salmon here and then can make a difference in terms of how your heart and brain correlate with functionality.


4.It gives you higher chances of reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a significant role in reducing inflammation and hold specific properties helpful when managing inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Interleukin1 (IL-1) is a proinflammatory cytokine that often spikes when inflammation takes place in the body. 

This often leads to diseases like lupus erythematosus and Crohn’s disease, which can be combatted with the proper incorporation of fish oils in the diet. The National Library of Medicine published a study that held placebo-controlled trials of fish oil in chronic inflammatory diseases, revealing a notable decrease in disease activity and a lower intake of inflammatory drugs in participants.


5. Fish oil consumption is necessary for pregnant women to improve their babies’ brain development.

For expecting mothers, it’s essential to consider a rough nutritional plan for your child, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s been found that fish intake during pregnancy can boost the overall brain development of babies. Thus, staying away from stinky fish may not be the best approach. 

Ensuring nursing mothers and newly pregnant women are advised to consume two servings of fish per week. From tuna, salmon to mackerel and tilefish, there are various options, but it’s also essential to know that not all omega-3 fats come from fish, so best to create a holistic diet while mixing in fish and seafood for sustenance. 

Health is Wealth

Taking care of your health is a responsibility that requires consistency and healthy options. This means keeping track of what you can and shouldn’t incorporate into your diet, but a must-add is fish and seafood. 

Fishta can help you out with that, and with our wide array of fish selection and frozen or smoked seafood items, ensuring you’re in tune with what is good for you is vital; no fancy diets, just simple yet effective consumption practices like eating fish twice a week.  


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