5 Popular Fish Filipinos Enjoy Eating

It’s no doubt that fish is a Filipino staple many people enjoy and consider a staple next to rice in multiple homes. More often than not, it’s the go-to source of protein kids, and adults look for when incorporating sweet and savory flavors that to a staple like fish. 

If you’re looking to amp up your menu for the week, here are a few popular fish that many Filipinos avail in multiple groceries and supermarkets that you might want to consider for your next meal prep.


1. Tilapia 


Although Tilapia is not typically Filipino and is popular in other parts of the world, the crispy fried Tilapia is a favorite in many households. Due to its abundance and convenience in farming, it’s a versatile source of healthy omega-3s. 

Tilapia is known to have a high protein source and is low in total and saturated fats, which is ideal for those looking for fish that’s easy to cook with. It’s commonly fried, but other home cooks and chefs prepare it by grilling, filleting, or adding coconut milk for more flavor.


2. Dilis

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Better known as anchovies in English, another crowd favorite and something enjoyed for breakfast alongside champorado is Dilis. They’re great for snacking and are also one of the most affordable fish you can buy in wet markets and grocery stores everywhere in the Philippines. 

Dilis is a popular appetizer in many local Japanese restaurants, which is why there’s always a significant supply of it in most cases. Best served with some garlic and white rice, it’s a simple yet delectable dish that’s not hard to like. Plus, they’re great with a pint of beer, a favorite pulutan, as Pinoys call it.


3. Bangus

This is a Filipino classic, otherwise known as Milk Fish in English; Bangus is the national fish of the Philippines. It’s popularly sold without any bones, making it high in demand for its easy access and preparation. 

No Filipino household can go a week without Bangus as part of their menu. Its flavor really comes alive when marinated in garlic and vinegar, then later fried into crispy perfection; comfort food at its finest. Many cafes and restaurants also serve it as a breakfast option, paired with garlic rice and egg.


4. Maya maya

Not just one Maya, but two; Maya Maya, which is popularly known as snapper, is one of a kind and stands out from other fish commonly purchased in local markets. It has a white-flesh texture that’s not typically found in Philippine waters, thus the expensive price point once you see them sold in wet markets. 

Maya Maya is best served with a sweet and sour sauce that oozes Filipino flavors. A sweet and sour snapper dish is a flavorful way to prepare this type of fish and is simply outstanding with plain white rice. 

Check out the recipe here.


5. Pompano


A Fishta favorite is Golden Pompano and another Pinoy go-to, better known as the local salmon. It’s a high-value finfish that is often mistaken as sap sap or slipmouth fish. It’s a saltwater fish that is gradually becoming high in demand in local aquaculture since it’s convenient to culture them as a school, knowing they quickly adapt to a cultured environment. They’re usually sold from 250 grams up to a kilo and are also quite versatile in terms of preparation. If you enjoy fish tacos, try this Fishta recipe for a taste of Pompano with a kick.


Fishta For Every Filipino

If you’re a foodie at heart, you know fish is a must-have in your diet and craving you should satisfy! Filipinos have a great palate when it comes to diversifying ways to prepare fish. Explore what else you can do with your favorite fish with Fishta. Whether it’s Tilapia, Pompano, or Maya Maya, the Filipino’s tastebud is not choosy for good, savory or sweet food, especially fish! #FishtaForEveryFilipino #FishForThought


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