If you've never paired Halibut fillet with pasta before, now's your chance to try it!


  • 1 Pack - Halibut
  • 50g - Basil
  • 30g - Parsley
  • ½ cup - Cheese (parmesan)
  • 1 Tbsp - Korean red chili
  • Pine Nuts
  • Salt
  • Pasta
  • Olive oil
  • Cherry tomatoes



  • Stove high heat then put sauce pan with a frying pan on top
  • Open pack of Halibut then cut into half
  • Dry halibut with paper towels and set aside
  • Grate cheese on a bowl then set aside
  • Put on parsley and mint into the boiling water
  • Then get the herbs out then put on iced water
  • Take the herbs then squeeze to drain water then cut herbs into 3 portion
  • Toast Pine nuts on high heat until fragrant and slightly browned


  • Put the herbs into the container add cheese & pine nuts then blend
  • Pour in extra virgin olive oil then season with salt and chili flakes/gochugaru
  • Then Blend again then put the mixture into a bowl, Set aside


  • Boil water in high heat, Add salt
  • Cook pasta just before al dente (8mins)
  • Strain & pull out pasta on a plate then set aside
  • Blistering of tomatoes - Heat the oil in pan then add tomatoes until they blister then set aside


  • Put the dried Halibut into plate then season with salt
  • With stove in High heat, drop in the halibut skin side
  • Press then turn stove in low heat
  • Flip the fish then get the fish and put on a plate

Pasta - finishing

  • Stove in medium heat
  • Pour an ounce of water
  • Swirl it then add the pesto then swirl/toss
  • Off heat then swirl then plate it.

You can watch the Recipe Video here!

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