Soy Poached Gindara Recipe


1 slice - Gindara

1 medium - Korean radish

1 cup – Mirin

2 cups – Sake

1 cup – Soy Sauce

1 medium – Onion

8 gloves- Garlic

½ cup – Sugar

3 tbsp – Gochugaru

2 pcs - Bok choy



  • Blanch bok choy (stem) – 1 to 2 minute. Ice bath ready – put in bok choy
  • Drop radish into the boiling water set aside after 10mins
  • Sauce prep - Slice ginger thinly and peel and chop onion (1pc) into thin cubes, set aside
  • Garlic - trim, clean , slice Into cubes, set aside then pour garlic, onion & ginger into a bowl, set aside
  • Take out 3 pcs radish (half cooked), set aside for finishing




  • Turn on stove, put in the sauce pot, put Sake, put Mirin, put Soy sauce, bring to boil
  • Light the mixture and wait until the alcohol burns off
  • Put onion, garlic, ginger then put gochugaru (3tbsp) add Sugar
  • Bring to a boil while continuously stirring then add back radish





  • Unpack gindara
  • Then add into the boiling mixture cook for 5-6 minutes
  • Simmer then add bokchoy



  • Assemble the radish and bokchoy on the plate
  • Then put the Gindara on the side

Enjoy our Soy Poached Gindara recipe!

To know more about this recipe, watch it here ---> Recipe Video  


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