Seabass Portion & Lemon Cream, Sautéed Greens Recipe


1 slice Seabass

¼ cup White wine

2 Lemons

2 pcs Shallots

3 pcs Bokchoy






    Cut/ slice shallots into fine pieces. then roll lemons prior to cutting

    Turn on stove - low heat then put in butter, then shallots then pour white      wine, then reduce heat till dry

    Prep / cut lemons then reserve 1 for garnishing, remove seeds. Turn off stove.

    Turn on stove then pour in cream cook till thick then add Salt to taste

    Simmer for 2 minutes then turn off heat

    Add / squeeze lemons (3 slices) to taste

    Set aside



    Turn on stove - Pre heat pan (high heat) 1-2 mins the add oil

    Slice bokchoy (3pcs)

    Cut in half length wise for easier cooking


    Chicken stock/water

    Put bokchoy into the hot pan sautee then add broth/water

    Put on low heat then add white wine

    Then put stove on high heat then toss and add spinach, oil, broth/ water

    Then add salt to taste

    Pour into the bowl



    Dry the fish with paper towels

    Turn on stove - high heat the put the pan to heat 

    Season fish with salt

    Place fish in the heated pan (skin down)

    Lower heat to medium (from high)

    Add butter to brown the fish skin then baste

    Lower the heat then flip

    Turn off the heat



Put on cream/sauce middle of the plate

Assemble bokchoy into the plate then put the fish on top

add Lemon wedge then pepper to taste.


Enjoy your Seabass Portion & Lemon Cream, Sautéed Greens Recipe!

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