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Fishta Feature: Banging Bangus!

Bangus is a no-brainer for many Filipino families who are huge fans of fish. There’s so much you can do it and so many ways to enjoy it. Whether you’re just in for the belly or want to make the most of it by making Bangus sisig, the possibilities are endless! Share with us your favorite Bangus recipe in the comments! We’d love to hear from our Fishta fam! #FishtaFinds #FishtaBangus #FishtaSeafood

Why You Should Add Fish To Your Kids' Diet

A healthy and holistic diet is essential, especially for kiddos! Get them to eat fish the fun way and tap our Fishta recipes to kickstart more flavorful lunch and dinner ideas that your children and family will enjoy.  #Fishta #FishtaFavorites #FishtaForKids