Why You Should Add Fish To Your Kids' Diet

Getting kids to eat good food is easy, but getting them to eat healthy and nutritious food is the tricky part. The feeding frenzy with toddlers often happens when you try to get them to eat their vegetables and fish, but with our Fishta favorites like bangus and salmon, incorporating their Omega-3s won't be so much of a drag. 

Aside from fish is a good source of protein, iron and choline can help with your child's brain development. So, why else should you add fish to your kids' diet? Let us give you a few more reasons why fish is a must-have for those healthy lunches and dinners.

Fish plays a significant role in keeping their nerves and skin in check.

Feeding kids a variety of fish and even shellfish once or twice a week in small servings is an excellent way to maximize the nutritional value it offers, like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which can help in neurodevelopment. Learning to feed fish to kids early in their lives could play a significant role in developing their nervous system. Some studies also show that those who add fish to toddlers' diets can help helps lower their risk of contracting skin diseases like eczema.

Eating more of it helps them see better.

Aside from being a rich protein source, fish is a great non-vegetarian food source for growing kids. Salmon, tuna, and cod, among other varieties, have Vitamin-A and DHA, which helps sharpen and nourish the retina of their eyes which is vital in keeping excellent vision. It's 

Fish is a versatile meat that can easily be pairable.

In terms of preparation, fish is a very versatile type of meat and can be prepared in multiple ways. In the Philippines, sweet and savory dishes are big with local households, and dishes like sweet and sour fish or poached soy Gindara are tasty ways to get the kiddos to have a few, if not full bites of fish.

They'll get better sleep (which means better sleep for parents as well).

While getting sleep is hard as adults, nap time might be a bit easier when you feed your kids salmon. It's fish with tryptophan, an amino acid that can mimic a natural sedative agent that induces better sleep. Thus, adding salmon to your kids' lunches now and then could improve your child's sleep quality; a baby sound asleep means a sleeping mommy and daddy! Where can you go wrong?

Finding Ways With Fishta

When giving kids a healthy selection of meals, they should be flavorful and pack in flavor that they'll keep looking for. Keep in mind that the rule of thumb in getting children to eat fish is to make it fun and flavorful! Fish can help you with some ways to up your lunch and dinner ideas with our Fishta favorite recipes

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